Our Values

We promote independence in each individual. We begin by recognizing all of the issues a client may be facing, the inner strengths the client possesses, and their desire to have a better life. We help the individual to formulate an achievable plan that is specific to him or her. We value safety and skill building, and the development of relationships within the community.

Case Management: Case Managers, sometimes called Community Support Workers, meet with clients and help develop an Individual Support Plan that identifies the client’s goals and action steps to reach those goals. The ISP also identifies who is responsible for the action steps and measures progress. Case Managers and clients receiving services meet on average once or twice per week.

Daily Living Support Services: For those clients who may need more consistent and ongoing support, Daily Living Support Specialists work with them for up to several hours per day. Typical goals for the DLSS may include the development of coping skills to deal with symptoms, household management, community integration, and/or budgeting and financial management, among other things. DLSS staff work collaboratively with Case Managers on goals identified in the client’s plan.

We take great pride in the quality of our services. We are a team of mental health professionals who are eager to listen, teach and advocate for all of our clients’ individual mental health, spiritual, cultural and physical needs.

If you or someone you know may benefit from our services please feel free to download the following forms:

Brochure – (PDF)

Referral: Self or Professional – (PDF)

Information Release Form – (PDF)

Clients Rights Form – (PDF)

Consumer Events (Coming soon!)


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